1866 - Saranac Glove Company, Littleton, NH, is established, creating what is now the oldest glove company in the United States. Their primary products were leather dress and work gloves.

1927 - Eventual company founder, Edmund (Ed) S. Fabry, begins working at Wainwright Glove Company in Green Bay, WI. Ed was employed as a leather cutter and machinist. 

1932 - Wainwright Glove falls on hard times and eventually closes its doors. Ed, always the self-starter, commences sewing gloves in his parent's basement. 

1933 - Propelled by his inner desire to create and innovate, Ed stakes his claim and founds Fabry Glove & Mitten Company (Fabry Glove).  

1937 - Saranac's commitment to quality and technology lands it on the hands
of a North Pole expedition.

1942 - Fabry Glove expands its operations through the acquisition of Davis Glove Company, Green Bay, WI . This boosts their production of fine leather dress and rugged work gloves. 

1942 - Fabry Glove signs the largest military glove contract of its time, equipping and supporting our armed forces.

1964 - Fabry Glove further expands its operations by acquiring the nation's oldest glove maker, Saranac Glove Company. This strategic and historic acquisition adds needed volume to Fabry's production of fashion leather, industrial, and golf gloves.  

1965 - 2nd Generation Fabry joins the team, Ed's son John comes on board. A member of the University Wisconsin Badgers 1963 Rose Bowl team, John's athletic expertise naturally propels the company headlong into a pioneering role in the sporting glove industry.  

1965 - Saranac debuts a logo that would propel it for years to come, the famous "Inverted Triangle" is born. First handball gloves are produced supporting the new handball craze. Innovation continues as Saranac soon follows that with the first racquetball specific gloves. 

1965 - Fabry Glove winter glove category is bolstered by the acquisition of Eisendrath Glove Company, Marinette, WI. This acquisition offered access to needed resources, allowing Fabry to focus on the unique specialties of technologically advanced winter/cold weather hand protection. 

1968 - John Fabry, in conjunction with friend and baseball legend Frank (Hondo) Howard, develops the country's first baseball batting gloves. This development changes the way the game is played, soon all pro players are wearing the "Triangle" gloves. 

1969 - Fabry Glove innovation again changes the way a major sport is played, when it debuts the first football glove along with a new leather treatment process known as "Tactification".  Incredibly, the "ahead of its time" product is laughed at when first presented at sporting goods shows. To this day, our gloves are still worn at all levels - pro, collegiate, high school, and youth. 

1969 - Seeking solutions to problems, Ed partners with Midwestern utility companies to address safety and ergonomic concerns of utility workers. From this collaborative effort, major advances in hand protection for industrial use were made. 

1970 - The Saranac "Triangle" logo, so dominant on sporting gloves, becomes known worldwide as the leader and innovator of elite, high performance gloves. From baseball and football to tennis, racquetball, ski, cycling, motorcycle, and fitness, the "Triangle" sets the standard.

1975 - Saranac R&D focuses on enhanced fit and function, developing its Strategic Hand Mapping (SHM) system. Its development addresses padding, seam placement, stitch technology, and expansion points based on "mapped" uniform hand movements and motions.  

1977 - Fabry Glove continues its strategic acquisition mode by bringing Northern Glove & Mitten, Green Bay, WI into the fold. The collaboration strengthens Fabry's industrial, driving, and dress glove categories. 

1982 - "Total 10" Fitness Gloves are launched. The "Total 10" series creates a revolution in fitness by bringing weighted gloves to the market for the first time, adding additional resistance to all forms of aerobic and weight exercise. 

1984 - A marquee event - Saranac Glove becomes the official supplier of the USA Olympic Ski Team. For years to come, the "Triangle" becomes synonymous with all things winter. 

1986 - Addressing new solutions to new trends, Saranac launches an innovative line of gloves specifically designed for snowboarding. The "Grampie" line hits the ground running and enjoys broad distribution.

1986 - The exploding popularity of the "Triangle" in pro baseball and football carries over to the entertainment field. Unsolicited, a major band wears Saranac gloves, wristbands and custom jackets on tour. 

1988 - Noted for their blend of fit, function, and great durability, Saranac fitness gloves are used by wheelchair bound athletes in the Special Olympics and similar sporting events. With ergonomically padded palms and double-stitched seams, this line of fitness gloves allow for maximum endurance, aiding these gifted athletes in their endeavors. Multitudes of great athletes use these gloves yet today.  


1991 - Big Air free-skiing explodes on the scene, and Saranac is their glove of choice. These highly skilled thrill seekers, lead by the memorable mowhawk-maned Glen Plake, embrace the cutting edge artistry and creativity of Saranac's new line up. 

1992 - Third generation Fabry comes into the fold. Following graduation from Marquette University, J.R. Fabry joins the Sales team at Fabry Glove.  

1993 - Through its long term partnership with World Champion bodybuilders, Saranac innovates the first adjustable wrist strap, reinforced wrist support fitness gloves.  

1994 - Saranac lands in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton OH. In 1993, Sterling Sharpe of the Green Bay Packers, sets NFL history with his 112th reception of the season (then a single season NFL record). The actual gloves he's wearing become enshrined in the Hall of Fame, commemorating the record setting achievement.  

1994 - Saranac R&D team completes a lengthy trial and error process, successfully developing a revolutionary line of carpal tunnel gloves.

1996 - Partnering with an international motorcycle company, Saranac applies its carpal tunnel properties innovating product to reduce finger, hand, and wrist fatigue during long rides. 

2000 - The Saranac line of specialty industrial-strength winter ski gloves lends support to the Rainbow Expedition Climb, aiding handicapped mountain climbers in their attempts to reach the summit. 

2000 - Saranac enters a multi-year partnership with a major sports brand to develop, manufacture, and distribute a line of high performance football gloves. 

2006 - Saranac's innovation creates another game changing element in football. A new palm makes its debut, a unique treatment that allows for maximum grip in all weather conditions. 

2008 - Addressing a void, and therefore need, in the market, Saranac launches it's pioneering "b-grl" line of fitness gloves and accessory products. The uniqueness of the "b-grl" line is that it's designed by women specifically for women, addressing all the hand properties and dimensions unique to today's active women. Additionally, a portion of all "b-grl" sales are donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

2009 - Incorporating highly popular glove grip technology, the "Fade" glove is part of one of the most memorable plays in professional football history. Santonio Holmes defies the laws of gravity by making a nearly horizontal catch in the end zone to win the Super Bowl. 

2010 - Commissioned by a major sports brand, Saranac relies on its military combat glove capabilities and SHM technologies to develop a custom line of high performance racing gloves for one of todays top Formula One Drivers. 

2010 - Taking prior advancements to the next level, Saranac R&D again pushes the current standard up a notch. The high friction point properties of the new glove add an adhesive-like attraction between ball and palm, advancing the game again.

2013 – Saranac partners with a globally iconic sports brand, covering multiple categories of gloves.  From R&D through finished products, Saranac ushers in a high-profile line of football, batting, and winter running/lifestyle gloves.  This great partnership further solidifies Saranac’s continuing legacy within the sporting goods landscape.

2016 – Saranac’s innovation enhances the functionality, fabrication, and design of its “tactical” glove line for the U.S. Military.  The new products are warmly welcomed by the Military and opens the line for broader cross-function, real world applications.  

 2017 – Saranac introduces its new logo and brand design, incorporating the history of the triangle made famous in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.  The logo design was created with inspiration drawn directly from the John Fabry Family and culminates with a brand that is strong yet rich in history and will carry the company into the future for many years to come. 
2017 – Saranac introduces it bar-setting cold storage and brewery work glove.  The unique blend of water and wind resistant exterior keeps cold out and warmth in without sacrificing the formed compression fit and full range of motion.  Engineered with impact deadening palm pods and heavy duty all conditions grip, the latest innovation from Saranac is the ultimate hand tool in the world of cold storage, breweries, dock and hybrid freight handling.    
2018 - Saranac branded products featuring the new logo expand to a broader market in the work, lifestyle, winter, and sports glove categories. The re-birth of the Saranac brand is symbolic for the company, the State of Wisconsin, and the industry.